Mhz Presents KID_X In Association With Feral

KID_X is a get on your feet, forward thinking, tech edge show that defies characterisation. Eye popping visuals, world class street dance and acrobatic circus collide with the energy of a live music gig.

Would you like to live for an extra 200 years?


Only catch is, you’re a mega corporation’s guinea pig a cutting edge technologically enhanced super human.

Meet our guide to the future, KID_X (Malick Bright aka AndroidX the flex and krump dance prodigy),
fitted with a Lazarus Industries prototype bionic heart, who falls for Gabriella ( Victoria Skillen ), the
insta famous rooftop acrobat. His heart is corporate property and she’s dedicated to her millions of
followers. Dr La zarus ( Eva Lazarus ) is the trailblazing CEO who’s determined to put an end to their
relationship. Featuring stunning live vocals from singer songwriter sensation Eva Lazarus, set over
bass heavy tracks produced by legendary Scottish sound system Mungo’s Hi fi.

Step into a futuristic love story that looks like a comic book and plays like a video game.

Supported by a Tramway Commission, Macrobert Arts Centre, Platform, NoFitState, Bassline Circus,
Jackson’s Lane and Stratford Circus. Funded by Creative Scotland, PRS Foundation Open Fund, & Arts
Council England. This Tour is funded by Creative Scotland’s Touring Fund for Theatre and Dance.

Age Range: Suitable for families and young people aged 8+

Please note that this show contains flashing lights and strobe lighting. As well as very loud music.

AV/Set/LX design/Co Director: Dav Bernard
Direction: Bex Anson
Lyricist/MC: Eva Lazarus
Music Production: Mungo Hifi
Dance Artist: Android X
Hand Balancer: Victoria Skillen
Costume Design: Saehee Simmons

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Mhz Presents KID_X In Association With Feral