A historical treasure trail in maps

The Smiddy, Balmaclellan and online event

The Three Estates: Buying Up and Selling Out in the Age of Improvement”.

Who?: Graham Roberts will bring his years of expertise to his subject. Graham is an avid hill walker and DIY enthusiast but is perhaps better known for the time he as spent as D+G archivist. Now retired we are very lucky that his expertise remains in the area. On much of the region’s history Graham is the person to ask and if he does not immediately know the answer he will know what direction to point you in! He has been a DAMP stalwart from the its earliest days…a great advisor and helper with all things DAMP.

What?: Graham will talk about the estates of Earlston, Danvale Park and Mabie. He will be telling us about them before and after their purchase by “new money”. It will be a tale of nabobs, gambling and copper-bottoming! Graham will not just explore the estate maps but also the characters involved in the purchase.

This is a Galloway Glens Zoom Room and real life talk at Balmaclellan Smiddy. Booking via our website, https://gallowayglens.org/events/

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A historical treasure trail in maps