A Play For The People

We are looking for a group of people to explore some plays presented in a rather unusual format.

Instead of being performed by actors for an audience, these plays are for groups of people to meet and read together. Each play aims to present ideas, questions and dilemmas that encourage discussion between participants.

The first of these plays, called THE ACTIONS, tells the story of a group of political activists who are meeting in secret. Written by Andy Smith, the play asks questions of how far we might be willing to go for a cause.

We’re looking for at least six people to join us online to read and discuss the play. There are also places for observers, who will then be invited to join the discussions if they want to.

The Actions will take place on Zoom on Friday 25th Feb at 8pm.

To be a part of the evening, please email ali@bunbanter.com including your name and if you’re happy to read, your address so we can send you a copy of the script. A link for Zoom will be sent out too.

Age guidance 14+
Estimated duration 60mins

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A Play For The People