Arctic Winds Part 1 : Nightlands

Dogstar Theatre: Arctic Winds Part 1
Theatre Screening

Arctic Winds Part 1 encompasses two vital new plays from the Highlands, filmed in February and March this year by the outstanding filmmaker Brian Ross (Circling A Fox, No One But Me, Shetland Lone Star).

Nightlands is the debut play by Jack MacGregor, an exciting new theatre maker from Inverness. Winter 1999. 2 caretakers debate Russia’s past and future in the abandoned ex-Soviet mining settlement of Pyramiden on the eve of Putin’s accession to the Russian presidency.

Cast:Rebecca Wilkie & Matthew Zajac
Set & Costume: Ali Maclaurin
Music & Sound: Brian McAlpine & Jonny Hardie
Lighting: Grant Anderson

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Arctic Winds Part 1 : Nightlands