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Autumn Art and Play Camp – Barrhill Woods Community Classroom, Kirkcudbright

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October 16, 2023 @ 12:00 pm

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πŸ‚ Autumn Art Camp: Enchanting Nature Adventures for Kids! πŸ‚

Discover the magic of autumn at our “Autumn Art Camp” – a week filled with creativity, imagination, and the wonders of nature. Our camp is designed to spark your child’s artistic flair while exploring the breathtaking Scottish Woodlands. With a different theme each day, your child will embark on an artistic journey like no other!

🌟 Why Choose Our Camp? 🌟

🎨 Creative Sessions: Led by our experienced art teacher, each session is carefully crafted to engage and inspire kids of all ages.

🌿 Nature Connection: We believe in fostering a deep connection with nature. Children will explore the woods, bringing the outdoors into their artwork.

πŸ‘­ Age-Appropriate Activities: We offer activities tailored for different age groups, ensuring that all campers can enjoy and participate fully.

🍁 Sample Activities:

Monday – Marvelous Monday in the Meadow:

10-11am Preschoolers (6m – 4 years): “Tiny Leaf Creations” – Exploring textures and colors of leaves.
11:30-12:30pm P1-P4 (5 – 8 years): “Leafy Wonders: Collage Magic” – Creating stunning collages with collected leaves.
1-2pm P5+ (9+ years): “Sculpting Nature’s Secrets” – Crafting clay sculptures inspired by nature.
Tuesday – Terrific Tuesday Treasures:

10-11am Preschoolers (6m – 4 years): “Nature’s Imprints: Tiny Hands and Feet” – Making prints with natural items.
11:30-12:30pm P1-P4 (5 – 8 years): “Botanical Impressions: Rubbing Rendezvous” – Making beautiful prints and rubbings.
1-2pm P5+ (9+ years): “Dreamweavers and Yarn Dreamcatchers” – Crafting dreamcatchers with twigs and yarn.
Wednesday – Wondrous Woods Wednesday:

10-11am Preschoolers (6m – 4 years): “Woodland Creatures with Handprints” – Making handprint animals.
11:30-12:30pm P1-P4 (5 – 8 years): “Artistry with Acorns and Pinecones” – Creating art using acorns and pinecones.
1-2pm P5+ (9+ years): “Enchanted Woods: Illustrated Adventures” – Illustrating scenes inspired by the woods.

πŸ“† Don’t Miss Out! Secure your child’s spot in our Autumn Art Camp. Book now and watch them flourish as they explore, create, and connect with the beauty of autumn in the Scottish Woodlands.

B727,, Kirkcudbright
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Date :
16 October 2023
Time :
12:00 pm - 8:00 am
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Β£3.50 – Β£10
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