Community Meeting – Heathhall Bowling Green

Heathhall Community Centre has been run by volunteers since 1995 and currently, this consists of 5 volunteer Committee members.

In 2018, the Committee also took on management responsibility for the Donald Sutherland Pavilion and Bowling Green. A small number of volunteers managed to keep the green maintained and operational up until COVID struck in 2020, steadily increasing the number of users. However, the costs to manage the facility has always required support from the Hall Committees own reserves as the income generated from the bowling Membership is not sufficient.

With the uncertainty around people returning to bowling after COVID, increasing utility costs and reduced capacity of volunteers, the Committee are now seeking the views of the local Community on the future of the Bowling Green facility at the Community Centre and, importantly, looking to recruit new volunteers to the Committee to help run it.

All residents of Heathhall and interested parties from the surrounding area, are invited to a Community Meeting to discuss the future of the Bowling Green. The Committee welcome thoughts, ideas and volunteers with skills and knowledge on running and maintaining the green. Equally, would welcome more volunteers to join the main Committee to support the general running of the Community Centre.

The meeting will be held on Friday 25th February at 8pm, in the Main Hall at Heathhall Community Centre.

For those unable to attend and wish to express opinion, or for further details, contact, 07719046580 or email or you can view the Online Survey at

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Community Meeting – Heathhall Bowling Green