The biggest charity rave in Scotland is back ?

DEAFQON is bigger than ever.. and this time I want to absolutely smash ticket sales and raise as much money for National deaf children society as possible

this event is planned around my little niece who is diagnosed as profoundly deaf , I want to reach out far and wide to bring awareness to deaf children and the organisations who support them to have the life many of us take for granted … below are some facts you should know and a link to the NDCS website about the amazing support they offer to parents and deaf children.

90% of deaf children are born to hearing parents with little or no experience of deafness or knowledge of how to communicate with a deaf person.

Four babies are born deaf every day.


57% of deaf children failed to achieve 5 GCSEs (including English and Maths) at grades A* to C in 2013, compared to 30% of other children.

Without the right support, deaf children and young people are vulnerable to isolation, abuse, bullying, poor self-esteem and low levels of achievement.

Research suggests that more than 77% of school-aged deaf children in the UK attend mainstream schools where is no specialist provision and in which they may be the only deaf child enrolled.

Deafness is not a learning disability. There is no reason why the majority of deaf children should achieve any less than hearing children.

Deaf children need to be able to communicate effectively, access information and influence the world around them by any appropriate method whether through sign language, oral communication or a combination of approaches.

(NDCS, 2019)

How the NDCS offer support ….

Tickets are available at –

This line up is massive!

-AVI8 (Scotland’s euphoric king) ???????
-S.O.D – sounds of distortion ???????
-SOUND D-FECTZ ???????
-G-RATED ( one Scotland’s leading RAW DJs)

If that’s not enough… we are also running massive 70s 80s &90s rave in room 2!!!

Tickets are only £10!!

We will only be selling 350 tickets so make sure you grab one!

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