Dumfries Lego and Pokemon shop

28 English Street, Dumfries

My pop up shop venue in “The Smithy” got cancelled as the floors needed repair. Which was not ideal, but I have found a nice replacement in 28 English Street. It used to house the Wobbly shelf and a flower shop before that.

To make the shop work, I am focusing on 4 themes:
Lego – As always there will be loads of Lego, both sets and figures.
Pokemon – Will have quite a few 90s cards, plus modern, full arts and bundle of cards.
Die-cast – There will be a large selection of die-cast, including a lot of circus trucks.
Hornby – I am clearing out some wagons/buildings at £1, they are priced low to clear. Plus over 20 engines, carriages, track etc.

To see photos of my stock, check my ads on Facebook marketplace. My ads should show up if you search for Lego in Dumfries.

The pop up shop is open from:
Monday 12th to 24th December. Opening hours are easy to remember! From 10:00 to 17:00 every day.

28 English Street is near the fountain in Dumfries centre. (The fountain has been moved, so not ideal to use as a reference point…)

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Dumfries Lego and Pokemon shop

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