Flag Design Workshop – Dumfries 6/7 Aug

Design a flag to signal your climate message. Make a community flag together. Take climate action
Climate change is our new reality. How is this affecting you? Do you imagine a positive future or perhaps you’re worried? Can one person make a difference? To explore these questions, take action and give voice to your vision, hopes and fears, you’re invited to be part of the ‘LAND’ art project.

‘LAND’ artists are running Flag Design & Make workshops across the region. Flags are used to communicate and your flag will join a growing collection from Dumfries and Galloway.

At venues and events these large fabric flags will fly all together, carrying a spectacular and powerful environmental message from the community.

Flag flying locations; Nithraid Dumfries13 Aug, Kirkcudbright Arts and Craft Trail 29 July-1 Aug, and at COP27 Egypt. Annan Harbour 14 Aug, Buckie Harbour, Moray 23 Sept
A flag designer is called a vexillographer. By taking part, you’re taking action on climate change; that makes you are a vexillographic climate activist, congratulations.

We welcome everyone including families and especially those aged between 13 and 26.

Your flag design matters and will be added to an archive, recording sentiment from this point in history.

What will you do?

Day one session 2-5pm How to design a flag, the importance of symbolism, explore environmental issues , finalize your design. Choose 1-2 designs from the group to make into a large flag. Start work on large flags. This involves planning, pattern transfer, measuring, cutting fabric, pinning and machine sewing. Experienced tutors will support you along the way.

Day two session 2-5pm. Continue working on the group flag(s). It is not necessary to attend both days. You might just want to do day one.

If you are a group and would like to make an environmental signal flag, we have template packs to help you. Please email info@ecoartcharity.org
This is the second year of the ‘LAND’ community project and it is funded by D&G Chamber of Arts Together Again, The Holywood Trust, Climate Fringe, Localgiving and EcoArt.
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Participants are welcome to join us quayside and onboard the Tall Ship, La Malouine for the ‘Dressing of the Ship’ ceremony, 2pm Annan harbour on 14th Aug 2022

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Flag Design Workshop – Dumfries 6/7 Aug