Flights of Fancy Floral Art at the Crichton Memorial Church

Dumfries and District Flower Club is celebrating its diamond anniversary year throughout 2022. As part of the diamond anniversary celebrations the club is staging a flower festival entitled Flights of Fancy in the beautiful Crichton memorial church. The stunning glass and cathedral-style church are the ideal setting for big and bold designs. There will be more than 20 of these, interpreting narratives, local folk stories and Scottish heroes. The definition of a flight of fancy is an idea, narrative, or suggestion, which is extremely imaginative and appears to be entirely unrealistic, untrue or impractical; thinking which is very speculative. The members of the flower club will we using all their skill and imagination to interpret ideas and images through plant material. The sculptural qualities and colour of plant material will be used creatively to produce a spectacular show. Floral art has changed greatly in the sixty years of the flower club’s existence with a greater emphasis on craft work using plant material and the Crichton church is the ideal setting to allow fanciful thoughts of flight to flourish!

There will be information and interpretation of Scottish heroes such as the inventor Professor James Bell Pettigrew, a naturalist who was born in Calderbank and pioneered an understanding of flight. Not to mention an appearance by Robert the Bruce and the spider. There will be giant dreamcatchers and a host of dandelions not to mention flocks of large birds to stand and meet your eye! Tam O’Shanter with horse minus tail will delight and do you know the legend of Rowan Reek? A large central design featuring willow hoops will fill the chancel and lead the eye to the altar, a real focus of flowers. Perhaps you would like to ride the Magic Carpet to the Garden of Eden? Or perhaps meet a selkie fresh from the sea? There will be witches and jam – not a good combination, and what can you tell us of Maggie Osborne the witch of Glenluce?

Diamonds will be central to the event as it is the diamond anniversary but be reassured, they are not compulsory attire for visitors. What better place than a beautiful church with thoughtful and creative designs, in stunning surroundings to relax and recharge the batteries?

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Flights of Fancy Floral Art at the Crichton Memorial Church