Gods, Goddesses, Buddhas & Dakinis ~ celebrating enlightened beings for Mabon

*five spaces available*

At this time of the Equinox and its harmonious balance of male and female, we’ll be casting depictions of divine beings and energies in glass with this three-part workshop.

You can either cast from a rich selection of beautiful Tibetan prayerflag woodblocks, or from your own design.

If you’d like to work entirely from your own design, please get in touch before the workshop and I can give you some tips on preparing a piece beforehand. Since creating your own piece ‘from scratch’ would be much more time consuming, you’d need to arrive with a head start!

*details for all workshops*

Each workshop is for just 2-5 people, on Sunday mornings from 10.30am to 12.30pm. They are all £35 per person. (i.e. a three-part workshop is £105 per person).

All are suitable for complete beginners: if you think you don’t have an artistic bone in your body, you will discover the artistry of all your bones!
Kids are welcome, at the same cost, if with an adult.

Workshops can be combined with a stay at Rennaldburn, which has its own waterfall and is a short walk away from two of Eskdalemuir’s stone circles. (www.returntotheway.org/arthouse/staying)

Reserve your place by paying for it here: www.returntotheway.org/arthouse/workshops/2023, where you can also find out more details about the workshops, Rennaldburn, Eskdalemuir and me.

(Image: Padmasambhava/ Guru Rinpoche, cast in glass from a Tibetan prayer flag woodblock)

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Gods, Goddesses, Buddhas & Dakinis ~ celebrating enlightened beings for Mabon