Hide & Seek with Ziggy at Dino Soft Play

Ziggy, Road Safety Scotland’s mascot, will be making a special visit to Dino Soft Play on Friday the 29th of July.

(Normal charges apply for entry)

Road Safety Scotland’s ‘Go Safe with Ziggy!’ learning resource helps equip children with the skills, knowledge and attitudes that will help them stay safe now and in later life. The nationwide learning resource, for children up to six years old, teaches children road safety skills that will last them a lifetime through fun, easy and engaging videos, games and activities available to Early Learning and Childcare (ELC) centres and Primary 1 classes throughout Scotland.


Key Aims

‘Go Safe with Ziggy!’ aims to:

  • Set young children up with road safety skills they’ll use for life.
  • Encourage and inspire young children (and the adults around them) to go on their own road safety journey – playing, talking and reading together.
  • Create a hands-on, multimedia experience at home, nursery or school for children in three key age groups: 0-3, ELC and Primary 1.
  • Maintain a link between school and home by inviting ELC centres and Primary 1 classes to order the little books for children to take home.

About Hide & Seek with Ziggy!

The event will involve:

  • A storytelling session will take place, and the team will attach Ziggy soft toys to the soft play frame (they will be attached with zip ties to avoid choking hazards). Each Ziggy toy will have a tag attached to its wrist which has a road safety tip on it (note: the tags will be large in size and will be attached with a double knotted elastic string to avoid choking hazards).
  • The children will then be tasked to find each Ziggy and return the road safety tip to the event team.
  • Once all tips are found the team will read them aloud with the children. The children will then have the opportunity to get a photo with Ziggy.
  • The activity ends with the children receiving a goodie for taking part (either a bookmark, pack of crayons or sticker).
  • The team will repeat the activity throughout the day (if possible).

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Hide & Seek with Ziggy at Dino Soft Play