ICAT 2022

ICAT 2022 Event

We’ve all heard the science of what’s leading to global warming, however, how true is it all and are there things not being talked about?

There will be five working group topics:

▪️Return of the land back into community and other forms of public ownership.

▪️Generation of energy from renewable sources.

▪️Food Production


▪️Informing and influencing decision makers

The event we’re holding in Castle Douglas on Saturday July 2nd, is designed to enable people with shared concerns about the future to start meeting again in person, and take action 🌎

We want networks of support to grow out of this event to give us all the confidence to challenge what we know to be so terribly wrong with our current global systems of economics, law, wealth distribution, rewarding exploitative/extractive technologies ‼️

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ICAT 2022