‘In Our Hands’ Film Screening & Discussion

The inspiring story behind the blood, sweat and tears of the farmers who are outgrowing the industrial food system. In 67 minutes, it follows a group of different farmers and food producers over one year (2016), to observe their stories of success and the challenges they have faced.

This film from The Landworkers’ Alliance and Black Bark Films is about the quiet revolution that’s taking place in our food and farming right now in the UK.

At the core of the film is an effort to expose the myth that the industrialisation of food production is an effective and necessary response to a growing demand. On the contrary, the film explores how it is detrimental to our health, the environment and our communities. The majority of the global seed market is owned by two companies, and put simply, it is not safe for things to be in such a small set of hands.

Find out more about the project at https://landworkersalliance.org.uk/in-our-hands/

We will follow the screening with time and space for a discussion.

This film screening is organised in collaboration with the Glenkens & District Community Action Plan and as part of Glenkens Food Month

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‘In Our Hands’ Film Screening & Discussion