Kirkcudbright Riding of the Marches

If you like horses, you’ll love this event. A wonderful spectacle of over 100 horses and rider, beautifully presented, riding through the streets of Kirkcudbright.

One of the town’s long standing traditions the Riding of the Marches is a fantastic sight to see, with the riders finishing in the Harbour Square. The riders start at Dee Walk and ride through the town before arriving at the Harbour Square.

It was the year 1455 and Kirkcudbright was given the status of Royal Burgh by virtue of a charter granted by King James II. The Persuivant from the King and the Coronet, rode together round the boundaries referred to in the Charter. This act is recreated annually by the Kirkcudbright Coronets Club with their spectacular ceremony of the Riding of the Marches through the town and ending in the Harbour Square.

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Kirkcudbright Riding of the Marches