Making the Most

•Want creative ways to deal with the cost of living crisis?
•Interested in money saving ideas and living off grid?
•Want help navigating the world of freelancing?

Our brand new Creative Spaces team will be bringing you their first instalment of workshops, where we will explore creative ways to manage money and deal with the cost of living crisis as a young person in Dumfries and Galloway. We are hosting two events over the month of August that highlight the different ways young people can navigate through the worst cost of living crisis our generation has seen. Ranging from a cost-effective recycling workshop to how to file tax returns, Creative Spaces are offering information on lots of helpful tips for young folk.

In the first workshop we will be joined by creative individuals who have experience with living off grid and sustainable renovations to their lives. Shared on the 4th of August will be tips and tricks on how to scale down your home and live more cost effectively. We will be in the Stove Cafe from 7pm – 9pm learning how to cut back spending by thinking outside the box!

Leanne Bradwick is a jewellery maker and alumni of Creative Spaces who for almost 3 years has lived in a van which she renovated to suit her lifestyle. Leanne will share her knowledge on how to live small and save big. During this workshop Leanne will host a session where you can learn how to use recycled materials to make a cost effective change in your life.

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Making the Most