Place Names of Galloway

From 10am throughout the day of the 2nd of November the Galloway Glens will be broadcasting snippets of place names intrigue on Facebook. Starting at Kirkcudbright and finishing in Carsphairn we will ask questions on the names we use and where they came from.

Then in the evening Celtic & Gaelic language expert, Professor Thomas Clancy and friends at the University of Glasgow, will take us on a journey through the voices and dialect of Galloway exploring the origins of the language. We will investigate where sound, dialect and language inter-weaves to become embedded in our landscape places and communities. Is this unique to Galloway? and what do the placenames tell us about the past and its ancestral origins?

Prepare yourself in advance with a little browse through the place names data base which can be found here

Either come along to the Planetarium, Kirkcudbright, to listen in person or drop in through the online portal.

Book your free ticket via Eventbrite website.

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Place Names of Galloway

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