Reel to Real: Storm Lake

A Newspaper. A Family. A Community. This documentary follows the story of journalist Art Cullen and his family as they fight to keep their local newspaper, The Storm Lake Times based in Iowa afloat. As the community experiences change from agriculture to pandemics, can you still change the world through local journalism?

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About the Film

Storm Lake | Jerry Risius and Beth Levison | 2021 | 85 minutes | English

Dark clouds hang over the cornfields of Storm Lake, Iowa, which has seen its fair share of change in the 40 years since Big Agriculture came to town. Farmers blow their life savings on new equipment they hope will keep their livelihoods intact. Migrant workers flock here—welcome and not—for their slice of the American Dream. The people of Storm Lake confront a changing community as global forces threaten their precarious existence.

Enter: 63-year-old Pulitzer-prize winner Art Cullen and his family-run newspaper, The Storm Lake Times. Day in and day out, the Cullens deliver local news and biting editorials on a shoestring budget for their 3,000 readers. Come hell or pandemic, they’ll fight to preserve this town they call home. There’s simply too much at stake.

About Reel to Real

Reel to Real Cinema began in 2016 as an open and inclusive space at the Stove to share films with big ideas. At the heart of our cinema space we aim to bring people together to share food, film and discussion. Reel to Real Cinema seeks to re-imagine the cinema environment as a destination for collective social gathering and exchange, as an important element in an active town centre.

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Reel to Real is a pop up cinema taking place in The Stove Café, 100 High Street, Dumfries. We are a small scale venue with a current capacity of 20 audience members, focusing on alternative film including documentary, art house and international film.

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Reel to Real: Storm Lake