Relaunch of DG Museums & Heritage Network

The event will be from 10am until around 3pm and will operate like this:

-a chance for each person and/or organisation involved in museums and/or heritage present to do a 5-10 minute presentation on their work (if they want)
-a networking lunch with lots of opportunities for discussion (and coffee!)
-a leaflet and poster exchange to promote each others venues
-an afternoon session which focuses on what we would like the Network to achieve (what are the main issues facing museums and heritage in D&G, how can we work together to address some of them?)
-a plan of meetings for 2023 based on what the Network want to achieve
-an opportunity for other people to get involved in running the Network (if they want)

Anyone would be welcome to participate, from individuals with an interest in heritage or museums, to representatives of museums or organisations involved with or interested in heritage. It might be that you’re not currently involved with heritage but would like to get involved or collaborate.

Held at The Robert Burns Centre, 10-3.
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Relaunch of DG Museums & Heritage Network

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