Suzi Cunningham presents Rules to Live by/Eidos

A double bill of stunningly visual and physical female solo Butoh dance and physical theatre. exploring idolatry and identity.

‘Rules to Live By’ explores conditioning, external influences, what shapes us through life and how we follow aspirations even if they are destructive. A celebration of transformation, a bid to be unforgotten, a dance of rules, constriction, sugar highs and suffocation, Rules to Live By is a rebellious aspiration to a hero’s punk anarchy.

EIDOS is a tribute to Suzi’s grandmother, who was a punk in-her-own-right. She is the hero, the stalwart, Suzi’s personal Vivienne Westwood, the treasure hunter and the curio-with-a-cause.

This double-bill veers between anarchy, punk music, heroism and how idolatry and loss can shape a life.

Running Time: 60 minutes

Staged by Dumfries & Galloway Arts Live

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Suzi Cunningham presents Rules to Live by/Eidos