Theatre Royal Open Mic Night

Theatre Royal Dumfries Showcases Local Musicians At The Open Mic Nights

The Open Mic Nights offer a unique opportunity for local musicians to gain more experience and for the more established acts to get back in front of a live audience.

Each month the theatre hosts a number of bands and solo artists. Each act has a 15-20 minute set which is also recorded and then mixed to be played on Alive Radio and posted on social media to promote the artist and the open mic night.

The team behind the regular gigs are always looking for musicians of ages and DGWGO went along to catch up with sound engineer Ross Nurney to find out more.

So, the Open Mic Night is an event we try and put on monthly. We get local artists in. It doesn’t have to be just Dumfries but from surrounding areas as well where they can show off their musical talents. it can be their first ever gig or they can be really experienced playing to a great crowd of people in the oldest working theatre in Scotland and showing the music to the masses really.

Support and Expertise

“You’re getting, you know, expertise from myself being a sound engineer and lighting engineer. Also, Ali has been in the music business for a while and does loads of country music shows. There is also James as well who is the bar manager for the theatre. He has loads of experience putting on events like this in other bars in the past. So, you know, you’ve got a vast amount of experience to work with.
Theatre Royal Dumfries Open Mic at Theatre Royal Dumfries

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Theatre Royal Open Mic Night