Though This Be Madness

Award-winning writer and performer Skye Loneragan brings her fragmented portrayal of motherhood, sisterhood and experience of loved ones debilitating mental illness to venues across Scotland in 2022.

Not all stories wrap themselves around a beginning, a middle and an end. New motherhood doesn’t afford the time for that kind of structure. Though This Be Madness is an inventive and darkly humorous story of many sisters that delves into the combined challenges of new parenting alongside loved ones wrestling psychosis and depression.

In this fractured fiction told through poetry and performance, we are introduced to a recovering mum bouncing on a Pilates ball in The Land of the Lounge Room, trying desperately to soothe her baby so she can finish her sentence and tell us this tale. Unable to reach her sister Ophelia, who wrestles with a cataract on what Shakespeare calls the ‘mind’s eye’, she attempts to ‘stay on the ball’. Wondering what delusions we might all share, she questions the silent war many of us are waging – with little ones, with loss or with prams that don’t fold easily.

Originally set to tour in 2020, and following its online adaptation as part of the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival’s online programme in 2021, the 2022 live production will be shared as an evening performance, as well as an intimate and responsive performance open to parents and carers with babes in arms, designed to engage those who face barriers to attending live performances due to childcare or caring responsibilities.

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Though This Be Madness