TOOLBOX – Finding The Words

TOOLBOX is a brand-new online event series that offer support in learning, growing and pushing.

When applying for funding, or just finding the right words to describe what you want to do, taking an idea from what’s in your head to reality can be difficult. This online session will help you to refine what you want to do, hone your ideas, and present it in a way that it helps to increase your chances of success.

In this session, Helen Turner will guide you through the process of approaching the application form, putting together a project plan, and using all the right language. This workshop will demystify some of the often-complicated world of funding applications to equip you with the skills to accurately communicate your project.

‘TOOLBOX’ is a brand-new online event series that offers support to build skills and professional confidence by utilising the knowledge, experiences and skills already possessed by The Holywood Trust. With an aim to demystify the fundamental questions posed by the funding application process, the hosting of these sessions will cast a net of learning and opportunity to organisations across the wider region. TOOLOX will provide a platform for organisations to learn new knowledge, to share with peers for success in their campaigns.

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TOOLBOX – Finding The Words