Washed Away Exhibition

Washed Away: an exhibition commemorating Annan’s bridges and other things lost

In October 2021, two of Annan’s historic footbridges, were lost as a result of flooding. A new exhibition in Annan Museum is now open which includes an exploration of the history of these bridges in paintings, photographs and film. It includes contributions from Annan Art Club, Annan Camera Club and Solway Videos and has been supported by Annan The History Town Festival and Annan A Tale of Two Bridges Community Group.

Members of the public have also contributed their photographs and memories. Some wonderful images have been brought to light and the museum is also able to exhibit salvaged parts of the bridges which are being shared with the public for the first time.

The exhibition’s main focus is The Jubilee Bridge (constructed in 1897) and The Cuthbertson Memorial Bridge (constructed in 1957) but it also includes an exploration of other interactions between the town of Annan, the river Annan and the Solway. This includes a look at Annan Castle’s motte which was damaged by flooding in the 1100s and The Solway Viaduct which was damaged by ice in 1881.

Open within Annan Museum, Tuesday to Saturday, 11am-1pm, 1.30pm-4pm, free to enter.

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Washed Away Exhibition