Wild Goose Festival – Solway to Svalbard

Stuart Macpherson in partnership with the Stove Network, supported by DMC and Loreburn Hall, presents: Solway to Svalbard

An immersive multi-art form piece of theatre that brings together one-of-a-kind footage and sound recordings with an original score to tell the story of the spring migration of the barnacle geese from the wetlands of the Solway Firth in Southwest Scotland to the Islands of Svalbard in the High Arctic.

The project captures the different environments and communities that are encountered by the geese on their unique journey and how, despite the distance and stark contrast in landscape, we are intrinsically linked to the polar regions and to the natural world.

Musician and composer Stuart Macpherson, film maker Emma Dove and sound recordist Pete Smith, journeyed with the geese on their migration capturing one of a kind footage and sound of the geese, and interviews with local people about their relationship to the geese and environment.

In Solway to Svalbard they meld these incredible recordings with an original and evocative score written in response to their migration through these landscapes and performed by six musicians with first person, direct to audience, story telling about the perspective shifting journey.

Solway to Svalbard has been developed through the National Theatre of Scotland’s Starter Programme (supported by McGlashan Charitable Trust).

Location: Loreburn Hall, Newall Terrace, Dumfries DG1 2HP

Event Type: Indoor

Event Capacity: 150

No Age Restriction

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Wild Goose Festival – Solway to Svalbard

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