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Gear up for an incredible summer of cycling events including the Para-Cycling Road Championships.

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DGWGO gratefully acknowledges the funding support from Dumfries and Galloway Council to enable us to prepare and present the Summer of Cycling Events Calendar

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Event Series Fighting for Justice

Fighting for Justice

Dumfries Museum The Observatory, Rotchell Road, Dumfries

Fighting for Justice: Strikes and Protests in Dumfries 1770-1920 New exhibition at Dumfries Museum. This special display explores working people’s history in Dumfries: their struggles, strikes and protests. This includes […]

Event Series Museum Guided Tour

Museum Guided Tour

Dumfries Museum The Observatory, Rotchell Road, Dumfries

Dumfries Museum will be offering free guided tours daily at 11am except Sundays. Come along to enjoy a look around the museum with a knowledgeable and enthusiastic guide. The tours […]


Yoga in Beeswing with Lucy Rose Donovan

Beeswing Memorial Hall Beeswing Memorial Hall, Beeswing

This yoga class is suitable for all levels. The class will include Pranayama (breathing exercises), Asana (movements and poses), Meditation and Relaxation. Each week we will have a different focus […]

Event Series Pop-up Cafe

Pop-up Cafe

Whithorn Community Centre Castlehill, Whithorn, United Kingdom

Pop Up Cafe – every Tuesday 9.30am – 1.30pm (NO CAFE ON TUES 12TH MARCH) Join us in the Living Room for our cosy pop-up cafe serving bacon rolls, soups, […]

Event Series Gaelic Group

Gaelic Group

Whithorn Community Centre Castlehill, Whithorn, United Kingdom

A small, friendly group that enjoys a weekly session together each Tuesday to practice spoken Gaelic. All levels very welcome.


Fiddle Group

Whithorn Community Centre Castlehill, Whithorn, United Kingdom

A lively, friendly fiddle group for all abilities. Bring your own fiddle and join in the fun!

Event Series Craft ‘n’ Chat

Craft ‘n’ Chat

Whithorn Community Centre Castlehill, Whithorn, United Kingdom

A friendly group for creative people who enjoy crafting. A mixture of crafts are welcome, just bring along your latest project. Everyone is willing to share their skills if you […]

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